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  • Blk 717, Clementi West St 2 Singapore 120717
  • +65 9850 1136

Sell your car above scrap value

Sell your car above scrap value

Do you want to sell your car above scrap value. Thinking of scraping your old car and getting another car? Why not come to us at Jai Ho trading? Jai Ho trading deals with used cars that has ended their 10 years in Singapore and exporting them to other countries. Wouldn’t you as a car lover prefer your car still has life after the 10 years instead of being crushed in the scrapyard? We provide free consultation, allow us to come right to your doorstep, let us view you old car and let us give you an idea on how we can buy the car from you or help you get another old car in better condition for you to renew the COE.

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About Us

Our company was established in 2002. Customer satisfaction is our no 1 priority.

We export a wide range of used vehicles without compromising on quality We deal with all types of cars. We help buyers worldwide to buy used cars and export them to any country in the world.

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