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Cost Of Living

Cost Of Living

Jai ho trading deals mostly with cars that are used.  In Singapore, the cost of living is quite high and therefore most residents in Singapore are buying used cars or pre owned cars as some of you may like to call it. Not all used cars are badly condition. Some used cars are actually kept in pristine condition be it , the interior or the exterior. The only thing that is very prominent is the mileage which we cannot do anything about it. However , you could bring the used car to a mechanic and change as much parts, legal of course and make it look and convert it to a brand new car which you can use it for another 5 years ot 10 years depending on the COE you have chosen. New cars can cost from as low as 90 thousand to two hundred over thousand. Whereas you can renew a BMW for 5 years according to the COE for that month. Probably about fifty thousand. Though the model might be old, you use use th additional money to modify it and keep it according to how you want it to look.

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Our company was established in 2002. Customer satisfaction is our no 1 priority.

We export a wide range of used vehicles without compromising on quality We deal with all types of cars. We help buyers worldwide to buy used cars and export them to any country in the world.

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